Somali Studies in Canada Colloquium: Identity and Belonging
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Saturday, October 19, 2019

Carleton University is happy to announce its second Somali Studies in Canada Colloquium, taking place on October 19, 2019 deadline is now extended to May 15, 2019. This year’s theme, Identity and Belonging, will focus on the thematic priorities that emerged from the roundtable discussions at the first Somali Studies in Canada Colloquium in 2017. This second conference is designed to play a key role in facilitating dialogue and partnerships among the Somali Studies academic community at local, regional, and national levels. We are interested in topics addressing issues of identity for Somalis in Canada such as identity conflict, historical trauma, the influence of less-studied periods of Somali history, cultural resurgence and practices, systemic barriers including access to higher education, economy and labour market integration, the promotion of wellbeing and social justice. Interested academics, researchers, educators, and health and social work practitioners are invited to submit abstracts (200 words) and a short bio (100 words). Your plan for the presentation may include but is not limited to theoretical and conceptual academic studies, reports on empirical research, poems, reflections by community practitioners, activists, and artists addressing the following topics:

Revisiting the Past:

  • 15th-19th-century Somali history, as well as historic cultural and spiritual traditions and their contemporary manifestations in the diaspora;
  • Somali migration to and presence in Canada in the post-independence (1960-1969) and pre-war Socialist (19691991) periods;
  • The influence of historical Somali intellectuals, writers, and leaders.

Addressing Present Challenges:

  • Post-war Islamic politics;
  • Somali Canadian youth in distress (criminalization, bi-cultural distress, media misrepresentation);
  • Addressing issues of wellbeing (mental and physical health);
  • Identifying barriers to higher education and recommendations.

Envisioning The Future:

  • Establishing a vision for inclusive spaces and strengthening Somali-youth-led organizations;
  • Challenging stereotypes through inclusive media; • Decolonizing Somali-centred scholarship;
  • Nurturing cultural identity through Somali traditional arts, prose, poetry, and songs.

Abstract deadline extended to: May 15, 2019. For abstract submission or if you have any question please contact: Dr. Nimo Bokore, or