A Carleton First

Congratulations to our very first graduates from our Master’s program and Graduate Diploma program in Migration and Diaspora Studies! We launched both graduate programs in Fall 2020 and we are very pleased to celebrate our first graduates from our first cohort. This is an important milestone for MDS at Carleton. We are very proud of your passion, insights, and accomplishments under the challenging and unprecedented circumstances of the global pandemic. Well done!

We also wish to congratulate our graduates from our undergraduate Specialization in Migration and Diaspora Studies in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (You also have an additional graduate celebration on BGINS program website available here).

Many thanks to our wonderful MDS faculty associates and staff for all your efforts in bringing the concept of MDS to reality and your passion and guidance which contributed to our graduates’ success. Thank you!

As we come towards the close of a challenging year, please take the time to recognize your achievement and celebrate safely. While we cannot be in person to celebrate, we hope you can experience the joy and pride our faculty have for you in a Congratulatory Video Message, as seen below.

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As you plan your next steps, please considering connecting with Career Services who are available virtually and over the phone to support new graduates.

As a Carleton alumni, your experiences and mentorship are invaluable for the students who will follow in your footsteps. We wish you all the best in your future adventures and encourage you to stay in touch. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Meet our Graduates

M.A. in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Graduate Diploma in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Specialization in Migration and Diaspora Studies, Bachelor of Global and International Studies

Lauren Jean Carmichael. With Distinction.

Ariane Roberge. With High Distinction. With the Senate Medal. Minor in Sociology.

Katrina Valles. With High Distinction. With the Senate Medal.

Additional Resources

Find more celebratory messages on the FPA Voices page, a comprehensive list of departmental celebrations and the official Carleton University Convocation website.

Are you a prospective student or simply interested in our program? To find out more about Migration and Diaspora Studies, please check out the links below:


Keep in Touch

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