Please note that these requirements are for guidance only. Students should refer to the official published program requirements in the graduate calendar for their year of admission when planning their courses.

M.A. in Migration and Diaspora Studies (5.0 credits).

In their first semester, students should choose whether they are opting for the thesis, research essay, or coursework-only pathway, and the pathway will be confirmed by the time students have completed of 3.0 credits in MDS including the core course sequence.

Program consists of the following elements:

1) 1.5 credit in Migration and Diaspora Studies MA Core Course Sequence

  • MGDS 5001 [0.5 credit] Introduction to Migration and Diaspora Studies — which introduces you to key theoretical concepts, approaches, and issues in Migration and Diaspora Studies
  • MGDS 5003 [0.5 credit] Research Seminar in Migration and Diaspora Studies — which provides you with the tools you need to design and conduct your own research project. Students in the research essay or thesis pathway will write their research proposals in this course. Students in the coursework-only pathway will write a research paper as part of the course requirements.
  • additional 0.5 credit in Migration and Diaspora Studies (MGDS course code) at the the 5000 level (not including the MGDS practicum).

2) Migration and Diaspora Studies electives courses.

  • Coursework-only pathway students take 3.5 credits in MDS electives.
  • Research essay pathway students take 2.5 credits in MDS electives.
  • Thesis students pathway take 1.5 credits in MDS electives.
  • You may choose additional courses from the electives list to tailor a program that matches your research and professional interests.
  • Up to 1.0 credit (two semesters) in MGDS 5901 Migration and Diaspora Studies Practicum placements may count towards your Migration and Diaspora Studies electives requirements.
  • With the approval of the Program Director, students may count up to 1.0 credit in courses not on the electives list but which are relevant to their research program.

3) Capstone Research Project

All pathways include a capstone research project:

  • Coursework-only students write a research paper for MGDS 5003 as part of their course requirements.
  • Research essay students register for 1.0 credit in research essay
  • Thesis essay students register for 2.0 credits in M.A. thesis

If you need help planning your courses and program, give the advising worksheet a try or reach out to the MDS Program Administrator or Program Director.