14thAnnual Refugee and Migration Studies Student Conference: October 4-5, 2019
Room 519 Kaneff Tower, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON, Canada

2019Theme: Beyond ‘Durable Solutions’
Keynote Speaker: TBD

The Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) 14th annual Student Conference invites abstract proposals for its upcoming conference on the theme of Beyond Durable Solutions.” 

The international refugee regime in its current form promotes the three durable solution model: local integration, third-country resettlement, and voluntary repatriation. However, these so-called solutions have been critiqued by scholars and practitioners alike for being deeply inadequate for meeting the needs of the vast majority of displaced communities and for not addressing the drivers and trends of forced displacement. Thus, we invite submissions that engage and discuss strategies that are contextually specific
to the historical, geographical, and structural explanations that characterize displacement.

The purpose of this conference is:
1. To critically interrogate the language, frames, and responses contained within the three durable solutions.
2. To consider ways in which praxis can move away from and beyond current framings of durable solutions.

Submission Criteria
A wide-range of submission platforms will be considered, in addition to a conventional academic paper
formats, including story-telling, spoken word, photos, poetry, media, artwork, theatrical productions, and
literary pieces reflecting on the following broad themes:

  • Framings/discourses of Convention refugees and associated ‘solutions’?

    • Ways to move beyond the existing ‘durable solutions’? What are other ways to respond to forced displacement? How do people on the move seek their own security and ‘solutions’?
    • The experiences of communities impacted by forced displacement who do not fit into Convention refugee definitions, including environmental migrants, internally displaced populations, ‘economic’ migrants, Indigenous communities, development-induced displacement, etc.
  • Intersectionality as a framework to analyze the connections of colonialism and displacement
  • Lived experiences of displaced people beyond ‘durable solutions’– what happens before and/or
    after resettlement, local integration, or repatriation, and how do these experiences challenge
    official discourse on ‘solutions’? What challenges exist in accessing formal ‘solutions’? And/or
    what challenges exist after ‘solutions’?

We welcome you to submit proposals on other topics!

Instructions for Abstract Submission:
Individuals, groups, or panels wishing to participate in the conference MUST submit a 250-word abstract
yorkcrscaucus@gmail.comby July 15, 2019 (both for Canadian and international submissions).
Submissions will be assessed and responded to in July/August and as such, it is recommended that
international applicants submit their proposal(s) as soon as possible.

Abstract submissions MUST be accompanied by the following:

  • Name(s) of presenter(s)
  • Key presenter email address
  • Title of Abstract
  • Three to five keywords
  • A short personal profile (no more than 150 words)
  • Indication of whether the presentation will be made by a panel or an individual
  • Indication of the type of audio-visual aides needed (i.e. projector, laptop, DVD player etc.)

Conference registration and participation is free

Please note that each presenter will be allocated 15 minutes for their presentation of choice, followed by a moderated panel discussion.

Conference-related output to be determined.

For more information about presenting at the conference please contact: yorkcrscaucus@gmail.com
There will a modest budget to help support conference-related costs for travelling presenters.