Thanks to a generous donation from the TD Bank Group, the Migration & Diaspora Studies Initiative (MDS) is able to provide support for projects and events that will help strengthen the MDS community at Carleton University, and bring research and expertise about the movement of people to a broader audience at Carleton and beyond. Key topics in MDS include, but are not limited to, citizenship, the global refugee regime, multiculturalism, state security, and transnational identities.

MDS welcomes applications that support events and activities such as conferences, seminars, talks, short films, and artistic installations:

  • fall within the framework of the Migration & Diaspora Studies initiative to study the cultural, economic, political and social implications of the movement and transnational settlement of people.
  • provide intellectual benefits to the interdisciplinary and diverse MDS community.
  • raise the profile of the Migration & Diaspora studies initiative at Carleton and with national and international communities of scholars and outside partners. This could include a media plan or a peer-reviewed publication.

We welcome applications from any discipline, and especially encourage applications for interdisciplinary activities, but please note that these funds are not intended for individual research projects.

Types of Awards

MDS will offer two types of awards differentiated by their monetary value.

  • Awards under $1,000 to support low-cost activities such as bringing in a speaker from outside the university. There is no deadline for applications for funding under $1,000.
  • Awards over $1,000 to support higher-cost activities such as seminars, conferences, lecture series, performances, readings, and exhibitions. The value of these awards will not exceed $10,000 and the expectation is that most awards in this category will be no more than $5,000. The next deadline for higher-cost event funding proposals is October 14, 2019.

The funds will be administered through the Carleton University Research Office.

Who can apply?
Applicants must be affiliated with Carleton University either as faculty, adjunct faculty, or graduate students.

How to apply?
Your application should include an itemized budget, a short proposal outlining the project, and a completed TD Migration and Diaspora Studies Event Funding Application Form (attached below) and should be submitted by email to

Applications will be adjudicated by an MDS Awards Committee at Carleton University that will normally comprise of MDS members drawn from a least two faculties.

More information and the application form is available on the MDS website: