Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

Dialogues with ethnography: The Lived Experiences of Chinese individuals, families and communities in Africa

June 26, 2017 — June 27, 2017

Location:University of Vienna

By exploring the lived experiences of Chinese individuals, families and any form of communities (e.g. kin-based associations) in various African countries, this workshop will critically engage with ethnographic research that focuses on the (re)construction of social identities and subjectivities, class (re)making and issues of race/ethnicity and gender, small-scale entrepreneurship, labour relations, livelihood, or the multiple meanings of migration. This workshop is thus designed as a space where PhD students and post-docs share their recent fieldwork experiences for two main purposes: 1) to further explore migrants’ subjectivities in order to challenge above and beyond concepts such as “culture” “border” and “transnationality”; and 2) to better understand researchers’ reflexivity and position in order to challenge the power dynamics which ultimately shape the research outcome.

Department of East Asian Studies/Chinese Studies, University of Vienna, Austria