Samuel Iverson

Sam is a biologist who has worked on a variety of topics over the years. His primary research interests are in population ecology and wildlife conservation. Currently, he consults for Environment Canada while completing a doctoral thesis at Carleton University in Ottawa. He is co-supervised with Grant Gilchrist (Environment Canada). Visit Sam’s website for more information.

Julia Mlynarek

Julia Mlynarek

Julia is a PhD student in the lab working on host species range in parasitic mites of insects. Her research interests are in evolutionary ecology, species interactions and systematics. More about Julia can be found on her webpage here. and you can follow her on her blog here 

Jennifer Provencher


Jennifer is a biology student focusing on examining how parasites and contaminants such as mercury affect breeding Arctic marine birds. Her main research interests lie in studying changes in ecosystems that may have widespread affects by using birds as sentinel species. This includes changes in macro-contaminants (plastics), micro-contaminants (chemicals), food webs, and parasites. Much of her work involves working directly with northern communities. You can follow Jennifer here on her research blog. She is also active in the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and represents APECS on a number of boards and committees.

Meagan McLoskey


Meagan is an environmental science student who has worked in the Arctic on shorebirds, monitoring nesting success/fate and looking at egg mercury contamination. Her research interests include ecotoxicology and how climate change and other stressors will affect species distributions. She currently works as a lab technician, looking at parasite communities in common eiders.