These are several recent theses from my lab. Some have been co-supervised.

Knee, Wayne PHD (Biology) Host specificity and species boundaries of beetle-associated mites (2011) 195pp

Akearok, Jason MSC (Biology) Early vs. Late-laid Egg and Inter-specific Egg Stable Isotope (δ15N and δ13C) and Fatty Acid Profiles of Three Sympatrically Nesting High Arctic Marine Birds To Determine Feeding Ecology (2011) 134 pp

Shim, Kum MSC (Biology) Effects of Temperature on Trematode-Mediated Impacts on a Model Amphipod Host Species (2011) 67 pp

Robinson, Stacey PHD (Biology) Parasitism and Contaminants: Relationships and Underlying Mechanisms for a Model Endohelminth-Bird Association (2011) 194 pp

Morrill, Andre Honours (Biology) Do parasites mix? Water mite and gregarine coinfection of lestid damselflies. (2011) 36pp

McCloskey,  Meaghan  Honours (Env Science) Mercury concentrations in the eggs of four Canadian Arctic-breeding shorebirds show no relationship with their population status (2011)

Buttler, Isabel MSC (Biology) Avian Cholera Among Arctic Breeding Common Eiders Somateria Mollissima: Temporal Dynamics and the Role of Handling Stress in Reproduction and Survival (2009)

Zanuttig, Michelle MSC (Biology) The Influence of Arrenurus Pollictus Water Mites on the Pursuit, Capture and Consumption of their Lestes Disjunctus Host by Dragonfly Predators (2009)

Hartzenberg, Tammy Honours (Biology) Host use of 5 mites associated with the pine sawyer beetle Monochamus scuttelletus (Cerambycidae) (2009) 30pp

Smith, Paul PHD (Biology) Variation in Shorebird Nest Survival: Proximate Pressures and Ultimate Constraints (2009) 244pp

Mallory, Mark PHD (Biology) Constraints on Reproductive Success of Nothern Fulmars in the Canadian High Arctic (2008) 212pp

Dare, Oluwayemisi PHD (Biology) Causes and Consequences of Variation in Patterns of Parasitism in Anuran Amphibians (2008) 198 pp

Koprivnikar, Janet PHD (Zoology) Environmental parasitology of trematodes, snails, and larval amphibians (2006) 161 pp

Cook, Kathleen MSC (Biology) Brood Size and Offspring Sex Ratio of the Intertidal Amphipod, Corophium Volutator (Pallas): Apparent Effects of a Novel Microsporidian (2006) 93 pp

Norman, Kathryn MSC (Biology) Variation in Parasitism in Galerucella calmariensis (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae), an Introduced Biocontrol Agent: Enemy Release and Sex Bias in Parasitism (2006) 86 pp

Robb, Tonia PHD (Biology) Causes and Consequences of Variation in Immunity Within Insect Populations (2006) 178 pp

Lajeunesse, Marc MSc (Biology) Local adaptation and evolutionary potential of multi-host parasites (2002) 80pp

Leung, Brian PHD (Biology) Assessing and developing the use of fluctuating asymmetry as a bioindicator of environmental stress and quality of organisms. (1999) 232 pp

Schalk, Gina. MSC (Biology) Single and interactive effects of low pH and leech predators on frog embryos and adults. (1997) 77pp