You may already be using a departmental shared drive from your office PC (or Mac). This month come learn how to access that W-Drive from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, as well!

• FileBrowser   SMB (aka W-Drive) client for iPhone and iPad
• VPN setup for Carleton (required for off-campus access to W-drives)
• Q&A

Note: If you’re new to the iPad, you may wish to also consider our rotating series of iPad for Beginners sessions—you’re welcome to attend either beginner or intermediate sessions. Or both!


re: FileBrowser app, $5

• FileBrowser instructions for Carleton are available from CCS: FileBrowser-for-iPad.pdf

• These instructions assume you are using the CCS-provided W-drive.
– Server name:
– Network share path to CCS-provided W-drive\DeptFolders$

• One attendee had their files stored on a different server, so that the fully-qualifed name or IP address of their server had to be substituted in place of ccsnas01

• Several attendees were storing their files in differently-named network shares:
…we had them log into our PC as themselves, and we noted the path to their W-drive and then changed the path in FileBrowser from “DeptFolders$” to where their PC had indicated they were storing their files.

• One attendee bought FileBrowser ($5) online and was concerned when she didn’t immediately receive her invoice from iTunes. This is normal—iTunes invoices normally follow 1-3 days after purchase.

re: VPN

Clarification: VPN is not necessary to use FileBrowser on-campus over the CU-Wireless WiFi network; only from off-campus

• Carleton VPN instructions are available from CCS: VPNConfiguration-for-iPad.pdf

• A number of attendees received messages that the “shared secret” was incorrect. The actual problem was that they had entered the Group name inaccurately—it’s “CarletonIntranetVPN“, case-sensitive, and note “Intranet” not “Internet”.

• One attendee asked if Android comes with a built-in VPN client, as do all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. The iTeam is focused on iOS, but we’re happy to help our Android-using colleagues when we can. The answer is that the presence of a built-in VPN support varies by Android device and OS version. If you are looking for a 3rd-party VPN client for your Android be sure that it supports the “IPSec” aka “Cisco” flavour of VPN, which is what Carleton uses.

Thanks to all who attended—your participation made our year-end session a great one! See you back in January 2013.