Update about Charity Insights Canada Project

Paloma Raggo, June, 2022Starting this summer, a group of Canadian charities will participate in a pilot project that might transform how the sector uses data. This pilot is part of a $3.5-million, five-year initiative called the Charity Insights Canada Project—Projet Canada Perspectives des Organismes de Bienfaisance (CICP-PCPOB). It took a significant leap of faith from the donors — the Muttart, Lawson, Vancouver, and Metcalf foundations, plus one anonymous donor — to invest in creating a recurring near-real-time survey about charities and, eventually, non-profits. In this question-and-answer article, “The Philanthropist Journal” dove into details with Paloma Raggo, assistant professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University and director of the CICP-PCPOB.

Photo of Parliament, in Ottawa, is courtesy of Robbie Palmer.

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