Public policy affects the purposes and activities of organizations in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. In turn, those organizations – including charities, through their public policy dialogue and development activities – can affect public policy by informing and influencing government officials and the community at large. This section explores the interplay between the sector and public policy.

New Series about "Policy in Europe"

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In 2021, Calum Carmichael consulted academic thought leaders of nonprofit sectors in Europe, and discovered that many have similar priorities and concerns as sector leaders in Canada. In her informal survey of 68 sector leaders in Canada, Susan Phillips found that 40% of the respondents wanted Canada to modernize the regulatory framework for charities, including an overhaul of the Income Tax Act. Carmichael heard similar perspectives, with a few dramatic contrasts — silencing of dissent and concerns around Islamophobia in one country, strong government support in another, and lack of trust of the nonprofit sector in a third country. Below are summary reports from six of our European colleagues.

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