A new report (April 2022) by Susan Barker is devoted to the question “What does a world-leading framework of charities law look like?” and draws on experiences in Canada, Australia, England and Wales, Ireland, and the US.

Barker is the director of Sue Barker Charities Law, based in New Zealand and specializing in charities law and public tax law. Her 600-page report is the result of two years’ work and builds on more than two decades of Barker’s legal practice in New Zealand.

Barker dives into regulation, government contracting, advocacy, social enterprise, appeals, agency structures and draft bills, including Canadian legislation and histories. The report makes 70 recommendations for New Zealand, many of which apply to Canada and its context.

“Ultimately it comes down to the type of society we want to live in – it is very important that we get this right,” Barker says of the recommendation.

Download the report: Sue Barker’s Charities Law Reform Report, 2022.

Photo is courtesy of Aachal on Unsplash.

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