CICP-PCPOB’s “Annual Data Summit: A Reflection on a Year of Insights”

The event, on Nov. 9, 2023, provided a deep dive into CICP-PCPOB’s findings this year and spotlighted the data needs of the charitable sector in Canada. The surveys, reports and other resources of the Charity Insights Canada Project (CICP) / Projet Canada perspectives des organismes de bienfaisance (PCPOB) offer an overview of the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

Keynote Address: “Empowering the Charitable Sector with Data: Navigating New Frontiers in the Age of Data”

Wendy H Wong

Wendy H. Wong

By Wendy H. Wong, Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia, and author of We, the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age.

In an era where data has become the lifeblood of decision-making, the charitable sector stands at a crucial juncture. Wong highlighted the transformative potential of data-driven approaches, addressing both the challenges and opportunities they present.

Key areas of focus included the ethical considerations surrounding data use, privacy concerns, and the digital divide. As data literacy becomes ever more vital, this keynote address shed light on how the charitable sector can navigate these complexities, ensuring that both practitioners and their beneficiaries aren’t left behind in the digital revolution.

Panel: “Knowledge Infrastructure in Canada: Current Landscape and the Path Ahead”

Presenters: Michael Lenczer (Ajah), Cathy Barr and David Lasby (both with Imagine Canada), and Sharmila Khare (the Director General of the Charities Directorate, Canada Revenue Agency).

David Lasby

David Lasby

Cathy Barr

Cathy Barr

Michael Lenczner

Michael Lenczner

The panel looked at Canada’s knowledge infrastructure, examining the existing frameworks, platforms and tools that underpin data-driven initiatives across sectors.

Sharmila Khare with CRA

Sharmila Khare

Panellists discussed strengths and gaps, highlighting the needs of the charitable sector and beyond. The conversation extended to envisioning the future trajectory of Canada’s knowledge infrastructure, providing insights into potential innovations, collaborations and strategies that could shape a more integrated and robust data ecosystem for the nation.

Session: “CICP Data Summit — Unveiling Key Insights and Future Directions Beyond CICP’s Inaugural Year”

Presented by the CICP Team and Bob Wyatt (the Muttart Foundation).

Bob Wyatt

Bob Wyatt

Bob Wyatt, CEO of the Muttart Foundation, spearheaded the initial discussions for the CICP-PCPOB project. He jump-started the summit’s discussion. Afterwards, CICP-PBPOB’s core research team presented the project’s foundational motivations and methodological choices, and discussed the project’s primary findings, which span governance, management, equity, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, public policy, funding and collaboration. One of the project’s panelists was invited to share their experience with the project and the motivations behind their participation in a year-long study.

Armchair Discussion: “Navigating the Data Horizon — Conversations on the Charitable Sector’s Future”

Concluding our summit was a dynamic and interactive panel meant to engage deeply with attendees and foster a collaborative atmosphere. Panellists explored the current data landscape, deliberating on the implications and prospects of data use within the charitable sector and extrapolating lessons from other industries. The discussion centred on pivotal considerations: What should we prioritize? Where should we tread cautiously? How can we engage diverse voices? How can CICP-PCPOB further evolve to be an invaluable asset for practitioners and policymakers alike?

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