One Time Purchases

Telephone Purchases

6920 IP Phone

$285.30 + $22.50 set up fee
6930 IP Phone

$361.60 + $22.50 set up fee

6940 IP Phone

$443.35 + $22.50 set up fee

Accessories Purchases

VoIP Bluetooth Speaker $440

Headsets – Price and model availability subject to change
– Wireless Integrated Headset
– Bluetooth Cordless Handset
– Wired Headset (with quick disconnect)
– Cordless Headset

Monthly Rates

Telephone Rates

6920 IP Phone

$12.30 includes voicemail
6930 IP Phone

$12.30 includes voicemail
6940 IP Phone

$12.30 includes voicemail
VoIP Cordless Phone (discontinued)

$12.30 for base + 1 handset, includes voicemail
$12.30 for each additional handset, includes voicemail
$10 for signal extender
5201 IP Phone $12.30

Discontinued Standard Sets

Campus Ancillary
5312 IP Phone $12.30
5330 IP Phone $12.30
5340 IP Phone $12.30
Single Line set with Call Display $14.04 $24.08
Single Line Set $11.16 $22.32
Wall Phone $10.56 $21.13
Analog Line $10.04 $20.08

All standard sets including Aastra 470 are being replaced with VoIP phones

Service Offerings

Work from home:

Teleworker 6930

Teleworker 6940

phone cost + $70 one time charge

phone cost + $70 one time charge

NOTE: $70 one-time charge is waived during COVID-19

Reserved Numbers $5.00
Direct-In-Dial (DID) $7.35
Audio Conferencing $5/month
Audio and Web Conferencing  no charge
Conference Phone Rental $30 (per use)

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

One Time Charges

Initial Set-up $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)
Phone Set License $100
Departmental Multi-Media License Fee $700
Programming Changes $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)
Reporting PC Client Installation $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)

Monthly Charges

Agent License (Voice only) $6
Agent License (Voice/Email/Chat) $10
Reporting License $20
Dedicated RAD Ports $14

Voice Menu

Voice Menu Mailbox Monthly rental $2
Voice Menu License $40
Initial Set-up $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)
Programming Changes $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)

Service Charges

**Installation service charges apply when converting a standard phone to a VoIP phone**

Moves, Adds, & Changes

Service Description Price
Standard Phone Installation Any new telephone installation using standard jacks and wiring (includes conversion to VoIP phones) $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)
Non-standard Phone installation Any new telephone installation that involves special wiring, anchoring phones, and/or special programming $45.00/hour + materials
Phone Moves (VoIP phones can be moved by user) Relocation of a telephone to another jack $75
Phone Jacks Addition of New Phone Jack

Move an Existing Phone Jack

Call for estimate (min. $300)

Call for estimate (labour at $45.00/hour)

Phone Accessories Long Curly Cord
Line Cord
Volume Control Handsets
Call for price quote
Emergency Phone Red Phone $100 + installation and cabling