Work-From-Home or Teleworker

Conduct business from home as though you were in your office! This service can also be used for remote offices anywhere in the world.

Work-From-Home is a feature which provides all the functionality of your office phone in your home office.  This service is ideal for you if have a requirement to work from home.

With Work-From-Home you can:

  • Transparently work from home – when someone calls your extension they think you are answering from your office
  • Make long-distance calls – worry free!  All charges will automatically go to your Carleton account
  • Manage one voicemail box without having to deal with call forwarding
  • No need to commute and add greenhouse gas emissions – forget about bad weather driving and traffic nightmares!

The monthly charge for this service includes the monthly phone rental and is only offered on our two high end VoIP phone models.  This feature is only available to customers with High Speed internet.

For a complete checklist for Working from Home and system access go to


  • 6920 phone: cost of phone + $70 one time charge 
  • 6930 phone: cost of phone + $70 one time charge
  • 6940 phone: cost of phone + $70 one time charge

Teleworker Overview

Teleworker User Guide 

Request a Teleworker phone:

Please review the Teleworker Phone Information document then submit a New Voice Services Request through the link below and select the Work From Home Phone option: