Using your voicemail
Advanced voicemail
Voice menu

Setting up your voicemail

  1. Dial 4000
  2. Enter the temporary passcode provided by Voice Services

When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial automatically activates. This tutorial guides you through your first mailbox session, explains how to record a greeting and your name, and prompts you to change your temporary password.

Accessing your voicemail from your own extension

  1. Dial 4000
  2. Enter your personal passcode

Accessing your voicemail from another extension

  1. Dial 4000
  2. Press the * key when prompted to enter a passcode
  3. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  4. Enter your passcode when prompted

Accessing Voicemail from Outside the University

  1. Dial the external Voicemail access number 613-520-4000
  2. Press the * key
  3. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  4. Enter your passcode when prompted

Voicemail guides and tips

Call forwarding to voicemail

  • press *8 4000

Logging into a voicemail box from a different extension

To into a voicemail different than the extension from which you are calling:

  • Dial 4000
  • Enter *
  • Enter the mailbox number followed immediately by *
  • You will then be prompted for your password

Forwarding to voicemail while you’re out of office

If you plan on being out of office for an extended period or on vacation, you can program your extension to forward to voicemail immediately so callers do not have to wait for four rings. Follow these steps:

  • To activate call forwarding, lift receiver and dial *8 then 4000
  • To cancel call forwarding, lift receiver and dial ##61

Extended Absence Greeting

The Nupoint voicemail system also allows you to record an extended absence greeting if you will be away without overwriting your primary greeting.

To do this, log into your voicemail box and select:

  • U for user options
  • G for greeting
  • G for extended absence
  • R to record, say your message then press #
  • X to save it

Your extended absence is now recorded.

Advanced Voicemail

Link your voicemail to your email!

Advanced Voicemail is a feature that places a copy of your voicemail messages in your email inbox.  This service is ideal for you if are one who often works from home, travels on business or is computer centric.

For instructions on using Advanced Voicemail, please read our Advanced Voicemail User Guide.

With Advanced Voicemail you can:

  • Receive voicemails, in the form of a .wav file, directly into your  email inbox
  • Manage your voicemails from your email inbox (play, erase or forward as an email) or via a web interface
  • See the details of your voicemail on one screen – who called, when, length of the message
  • Play your voicemails from your Smartphone without dialling in
  • Create voice message distribution lists from your computer

This feature is only available to customers with VoIP phone sets.

Cost: no charge 

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Voice Menu

A Voice Mail Menu is used to create a menu consisting of many branches that allows a business to direct people to various services based on selecting a number from the menu.

To order a Voice Menu, please contact Voice Services by email


Voice Menu Mailbox Monthly rental $2.00/month
Voice Menu License $40 flat rate
Initial Set-up $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)
Programming Changes $45.00/hour (minimum 1 hour)

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