ITS Voice Services is the primary communications service provider for University constituents, with responsibility for all technical operations associated with Carleton’s telephone system and network.

Moves, Adds, Changes 

Requests for moves, adds or changes are accepted only from the Departmental Administrator.

Moving a VoIP Phone

Currently Department of Safety uses our billing database to locate phones making emergency calls to 4444 or 911.  Please have your department administrators provide us with the details of any VoIP telephone moves by completing this form, your life may depend on it.

One of the benefits of VoIP telephone service is the ability to move your own phone into a new office without any intervention from ITS.  However, it is important for ITS Voice Services to be made aware when such moves occur so that we can update our billing/911 database.

Voice Services will target move order resolution time as follows:

  • New phone installation – typically within 1 week of the request date.
  • VoIP phones are intended to be moved by customers, ITS can be requested to move these phones but standard service charges for moves will apply.
  • Up to 4 moves (analog) as part of 1 request – typically within 2 weeks of the request date.
  • More than 4 moves (analog) as part of 1 request – typically about 3 weeks or more of the request date and is dependent on the size of the move.
  • Completion times assume that proper cabling is in place.
  • Move turnaround guidelines will not be guaranteed for the month of September.  Customers will be notified that only emergency moves will be carried out in the month of September.


Voice Services targets 8-hours (business hours) resolution time for all reported repair problems.  Repairs have priority over moves.

Direct in Dial

Direct-Inward-Dial or DID numbers are provided only for Departmental numbers and fax machines. Monthly rates can be found on the rates page. For an additional cost the DID number can be listed in the Ottawa Business Listings under Carleton University (NOTE: this book is only published every 2 years).

Reserved Numbers

A Reserved Number is defined as one of the following examples but is not limited to this list:

  • an extension which is not a primary line that does not appear on any other phone
  • an extension which does not appear on a phone but is forwarded directly to a voice mailbox
  • a number reserved for future use that is currently associated to a department but not currently being used
  • an extension which is permanently call number
  • a pilot or main number of any hunt group

Red Emergency and Assistance Phones 

Emergency phones are identified by Red phones which are wall mounted and have no dial pad. They are connected to ITS Voice Network and are programmed to automatically dial University Safety when the handset is lifted. They are programmed and maintained by ITS Voice Services and tested regularly by Safety (once a week).
All labs which contain hazardous materials must be equipped with at least one emergency phone (depending on the size of the lab). Safety is to be consulted to determine the best location for the phone.

Computer labs and other workspaces are not mandated to be equipped with emergency/assistance phones but a request can be made by faculty or staff (lab owners) to have a phone installed. Again, University Safety would be consulted by the department to determine the best location for the phone.

The owner of the space is responsible for any costs associated to the installation of the phone including the cost of the phone. These phones would not be subject to any ongoing monthly rental charges.

For more information, please read the Campus Emergency Phone Policy.

Courtesy Phones

Computer labs and other workspaces are not mandated to be equipped with a phone, however a request can be made by faculty or staff (lab owners) to have a phone installed as a courtesy phone. These phones are typically black 5201 VoIP phones. The customer can then request that this phone be programmed to allow dialing internal extensions only or also be allowed to provide local calling (9+613). The owner of the lab or other work space is responsible for any costs associated to the installation and ongoing monthly rental as provided by ITS Voice Services.

Phone Restrictions

Unless authorized, new phones are installed without Long Distance capabilities and include voicemail (VoIP). Should a department wish to add or remove these services, a request must be submitted to the ITS Service Desk by the Departmental Administrator.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets can be ordered by submitting a service request to the ITS Service Desk. Melissa Manocchio in ITS will contact you to discuss your requirements and purchase the device on your behalf.

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories such as volume control handsets, extension cables, and long curly cords may be obtained from Voice Services upon request for a fee as stated on our rates page.


Telephone sets and lines, and voice mailboxes are rented from ITS.  All departments are billed for equipment rentals and long distance charges on a monthly basis.

Long Distance

Individual departments determine whether or not an employee requires long distance capability on his/her telephone set.  Changes to this setup must be requested by Departmental Administrators. Clients requiring temporary long distance should contact their Departmental Administrator who can make a request from ITS, the Departmental Administrator is then issued an Account Code Card, which allows long distance access and charges are billed to the departmental account.

Researchers may be permitted to charge long distance to a research grant or contract as specified. Learn more and request this service.

Yellow Page Listings

Carleton University is currently listed in the Business Directory section of the Yellow Pages. If you wish to add, change or remove a listing please submit a request to the Service Desk and specify exactly what you would like added or changed. The Yellow Pages change requests will be sent upon receipt. Online Yellow Pages are updated annually however the Yellow Pages book itself is only printed every 2 years (even numbered years).

Contact Voice Services

Telephone: 613-520-3700