Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is a solution used for call centres (both incoming and outgoing).

Incoming call centres can be used to answer customer questions, (information hotline, technical support, customer service), to receive customer orders, to redirect customers to pertinent help etc.

Outgoing call centres can be used to directly advertise and sell goods or services, to solicit information, (surveys, political poles, customer satisfaction etc.), to campaign or otherwise inform the public.

We now offer multi-media capabilities so you can provide your customers three great ways to contact you while collecting statistics to measure the total workload. You can elect to have Voice, Email and/or Live Chat agents handle your customer inquiries, and get statistical reports configured to be emailed to you as often as you choose. For more information, open an inquiry with the ITS Service Desk and someone will be in touch with you to discuss our service offerings in more detail.

The ACD voice service can only be enabled on select multi-line VoIP telephones (5330 and 5340).


Monthly Charges

Agent License (Voice only) $6
Agent License (Voice/Email/Chat) $10
Reporting License $20
Dedicated RAD Ports $14

One time Charges

Initial Set-up $75 + $41.00/hour
Phone Set License $100
Departmental Multi-Media License Fee $700
Programming Changes $41.00/hour
Reporting PC Client Installation $40

At Carleton this technology is currently being used by the Registrar’s Office, Athletics Department, Awards, Undergraduate Recruitment, Parking Services and ITS.

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