This summer, the MPM program is excited to open two short courses to learners from off campus. If you’re looking for an opportunity to invest in professional development, we have two six-week courses that can give you or your team insider knowledge and skills to hit the ground running.

POLM 5906 A: Special Topics “Life in Politics”, online, Tuesdays 2:35-5:25, May 4-June 16.

This course is all about running for and serving in public office. Taught by a seasoned former elected official, member of Cabinet and diplomat, The Hon. Sergio Marchi, the course offers a practical examination of what it means to contemplate a political life at the municipal, federal and international levels. If you are thinking of running for office or want to better understand the competing demands on those in elected office in Canada, this course will explore paths to succeed as a candidate for office, building your own political office, and working as a public office holder. 

POLM 5906 B: Special Topics “An intro to the practice of lobbying in Canada”.  Tuesdays 6-9 PM, MPM classroom, Carleton University campus, May 4-June 16.

Taught by Yaroslav Baran, co-founder of the Pendulum group, this course will introduce students to government relations and lobbying, as practiced in Canada. Students will gain insight into the range of GR strategies, their planning and execution, the governance of lobbying and compliance requirements and emerging and complementary practices (such as digital campaigns). For those contemplating the GR field, or who may be lobbied themselves, this course offers a practical introduction.

When you take the courses, you’ll be registering as a non-degree, or “Special”, student.

Here’s the link to the University’s webpage for Special Students:

Step 1: Send an email to letting us know you’d like to take one or more courses in the Summer term. Please tell us your organization is a member of GRIC so we can fast-track your request.

Step 2: Start your application at :  If you’ve never taken a course at Carleton before, each learner will be asked to set up a user name and password for this and any future learning opportunities at Carleton.

Step 3: Complete your application, upload your documents and pay the University’s processing fee ($58). Normally registration takes no more than 5 business days.

Note: The key document is proof that you have the language skills to study at a university level. Carleton asks special students to show they’ve previously studied for at least 3 years full-time (secondary or post-secondary) in English or can otherwise meet the language proficiency.

Step 4: Pay the Summer term tuition.

Note: In Summer 2023, the Special Student tuition for each POLM course will be just $330.65.

Questions? Please send an email to

Registration is open now and continues until May 4.