An Ideal Environment

Nestled at the junction of three picturesque rivers and the Rideau Canal  — Ottawa is one of the world’s most beautiful capitals.

As Canada’s fourth-largest city, Ottawa boasts all the benefits of a large urban area — including a burgeoning restaurant scene and a host of popular festivals  — but has still managed to reatain a small-town feel. It is rich in vibrant neighbourhoods, in wide-open green spaces, parks and wilderness areas, including the 365-square-kilometre Gatineau Park, just 15 minutes from Parliament Hill. Voted one of the best places to live in Canada for three years running, Ottawa is a regular fixture on international lists of the world’s safest, most livable cities.

Carleton from nearby bridge

Each year in September, as new and returning students arrive at Carleton from across Canada and around the world, they begin to explore their adopted capital city, discovering the natural beauty surrounding them. Leaving campus, students can head out on bicycles or on foot as they walk next to the historic Rideau Canal as it sparkles brightly in the sun.

In less than 20 minutes, they’re following a path that takes them to national landmarks. Surrounded by history, art and incredible natural environment, students get up close and personal with one of the most unique international cities in the world.

Carleton provides a wonderful place to live, and access to unique learning.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Located where Parliament meets and Canada’s foreign relations play out, Carleton is able to give its students access to unique learning opportunities they won’t get anywhere else. This is because Ottawa is home to an unparalleled network of federal government agencies, NGOs, global companies, embassies and high commissions.

Not only is Ottawa one of the world’s top sites for research and development—90% of Canada’s industrial communication R&D is conducted here—it is an established global technology centre. In addition to housing the likes of IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems and Shopify, there are more than 1,500 high-tech companies with fewer than 50 employees, a product of the city’s strong entrepreneurial culture.

Politicians, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs and businesspeople—are regular visitors to campus as speakers and guests at networking events.

Strong Connections

Carleton has forged strong connections with a range of organizations in Ottawa to provide outstanding research, work-placement and networking opportunities for its students. Including:


Conduct research at the National Research Council and other government laboratories in fields from biotechnology and aeronautics to environmental and medical sciences;

Work Placements

Complete work placements at one of 1,900 companies that make up Ottawa’s knowledge-based sector, which includes high-tech, professionals services, life sciences and security;

Mentor Programs

Benefit from mentor programs, including one that links arts students with people from the community—prominent civil servants and diplomats, MPs, and artists among them—who can act as friends and advisers.

Journalism Hub

Sharpen reporting skills while working as student journalists in the “living laboratory” that is Ottawa, covering everything from politics and international relations to science, arts and culture;

Wealth of Resources

Access the wealth of resources available through institutions such as Library and Archives Canada, the Canadian Museum of History and the National Gallery of Canada;

Joint Programs

Pursue joint graduate programs with the University of Ottawa, to access a wide range of courses and expertise, as well as cutting-edge research centres found only in the Ottawa area.

Our Stories

Our students discuss their unique learning experiences and share why they chose Carleton University.

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