Photo of Alice Anima Aboagye

Home Institution

University of Ghana Business School, Department of Accounting, Doctoral Candidate


Miss Aboagye is a doctoral candidate and in her third year of study. Alice seeks to contribute to critical research that would inspire positive change in stakeholders. Besides, Accountants have a role to play in attaining sustainable development.  She is currently exploring climate change accounting among multi-national firms in Ghana.

Research Interests and societal interests

I have keen interest in issues of:

  • Sustainable development (with a focus on gender, inequality, education, climate change)
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Corporate social reporting and
  • Corporate governance

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

I hope to be equipped with an in-depth knowledge on climate change through the QES Program workshops and multi-disciplinary lectures. It is my earnest expectation to gain more insight into how firms in Canada undertake climate action since the country seems to be making strides in tackling the climate change problem. I anticipate that at the end of the program, my academic research and writing skills would be enhanced since I would be exposed to better methodological tools for data analysis. Finally, I expect to complete two papers for publication.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

As an emerging scholar, this program would grant me the opportunity to build networks of academic scholars for collaborative research that would contribute immensely to addressing the problem of climate change and other developmental issues necessary for societal transformation.

This program would also expose me to several research perspectives and also help me gain more insight on better climate policies and actions that could be institutionalised to tackle climate change and global warming in Ghana. I intend to transfer/share the knowledge I would acquire from the program with my colleagues and students.