Photo of Michael Bennett Sepula

Michael Bennett Sepula

Senior Lecturer, Hospitality Management

Phone:+265 999 578 737 or +265 8888 858 737

Home Institution

Mzuzu University, Department of Hospitality Management, Senior Lecturer


I am of a holder of a PhD in Hospitality Management from Moi University in Kenya. I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management, Department of Hospitality Management under the Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Management, Mzuzu University. I am an enthusiast of a clean environment in which tourism and hospitality operations and activities flourish.

Research Interests and societal interests

  • Understanding the role of environmentally sensitive hospitality businesses operations (accommodation or food & beverage services) and tourist recreational (lake water) activities in climate change.
  • Integration of environmentally sustainable hospitality operational practices into hotel rating system dimensions and their impact on customer satisfaction
  • Linkages between hotel industry greening, corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices, community involvement and societal benefits

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

  • In the Mobility Period, I anticipate meeting colleagues from diverse backgrounds with the common agenda to learn from each other.
  • The Mobility Period will provide an invaluable opportunity to meet other early career researchers and be mentored by well-seasoned and distinguished researchers in the expert areas of interest.
  • I expect this programme to sharpen my research skills that were probably missed during my previous studies. That way, I will grasp the context of conducting research flexibly from different perspectives given the fact that the Mobility Team consists of varied experiences.
  • Having previously studied in Europe and other African countries, Canada will obviously provide a slightly different approach to “doing things”. Hence, It will be easy to acclimatise and be able to blend with everyone socially, culturally and academically.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

I envisage continued collaborations and networking with various scholars beyond the Mobility Period. Among the outputs anticipated from this programme include publications of research works. Furthermore, these publications are expected to inform policy/practical/managerial directions in relevant areas of the tourism and hospitality research. I believe that QES project has huge potential to be a conduit between those in different countries around the world. Beyond the project, I would like to contribute to sound mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change with participation of the local communities, focusing on environmental impacts of hospitality operations and tourist recreational activities in Malawi.