Photo of Elizabeth  Makauki

Home Institution:       The nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology
School:                       Materials, Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences
Department:               Environmental Science and Engineering
Position:                     PhD scholar


Miss Elizabeth Makauki is a PhD candidate at Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology specializing in Environmental Science. Her research interest is on nano materials synthesis and their applications whereas she is focused on green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles and their composites for water treatment. . During her Masters she synthesized activated carbon from water hyacinth for biogas upgrading.

Research Interests and societal interests

NM-AIST motto “Academia for Society” is aimed at solving the community challenges through research.  To align with this motto I am aimed at using nanotechnology (synthesis and application) to bring about a solution to limited access towards clean energy and safe drinking water in the marginalized societies of East Africa.

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

As a researcher aimed at synthesizing silver nanoparticles through green routes and impregnates them in activated carbon, placement to the TEMBO organization in Longido Arusha becomes the most exciting part of my scholarship. At TEMBO I will engage in the ceramic water filters development in which they use silver as one of the components. At the end we will come up with cheap and safe ways of synthesizing silver nanoparticles for the ceramic water filters making.

I expect to be mentored in data analysis tools specifically by R and Nvivo which are to be used during data analysis. I expect to get an opportunity to interact with fellow scholars and mentors in the area of material sciences especially in nanotechnology (synthesis and application) so as to get more research networks. I also expect to understand more of climatic change in order to contribute to the solutions towards the challenge through interdisciplinary actions.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

The collaborative nature of the QES programme will make a proper platform for the growth of my research expertise. The interaction between the scholars, experts and professors from different institutions and diversities will even help me broaden the research understanding and climate change issues.  I expect to grow in the areas of proposal writing, data analysis and community engagement. Lastly but not least in this platform I will make friends in which will be of social and professional help in the future.