Photo of Rashidat Sumbola  Akande

Rashidat Sumbola Akande

Lecturer, Department of Economics and Development Studies

Home Institution

Kwara State University, Department of Economics and Development Studies, Lecturer


Rashidat Sumbola Akande is an economics Lecturer at Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State Nigeria. She received her MSc. in Finance and Economics from the University of Southampton, UK and recently completed her Ph.D. in Economics at Kwara State University, Nigeria.

Research Interests

My broad area of research interest is on economic growth and development with a focus on the informal and informal jobs, sustainable development, unemployment and poverty alleviation.

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

The program will give me the opportunity to concentrate on improving my research and writing skills without bothering about other work related responsibilities.  I hope to be able to complete my proposed research on the effect of informality on sustainable development in West Africa for publication in a peer-reviewed journal as well as use the opportunity to expand my research network for future collaborations.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

The project will provide the enabling environment to improve on my research capacity through access to mentorship and library resources. The knowledge I will gain from the expertise of the faculty at Carleton University and the rich network of researchers will improve the quality of my research and will be beneficial for my budding academic career. Also, I will be able to transfer the knowledge gained to support my own institution and students at home.