Carleton University invites applications from West African women PhD and early doctoral career scholars to participate in a research acceleration experience. Wurin ta na yin rubutu – Her own room to write is supported by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship – Advanced Scholars West Africa program and is designed to provide an opportunity to gain experience through travel to Carleton University and/or across West Africa to one of our research placement partners.  The scholarship provides for research supervision, focused seminars, experiential learning through aligning your research proposal with research placement opportunities (see Placement Partners), leadership, and network building.


  • Scholars will be expected to travel either within West Africa or to Canada where permissible. In the event of travel restrictions due to Covid-19, Carleton may be required to limit travel and provide virtual opportunities.

The award will run each April from 2022-2024

  • April 2022 Award – Virtual programming through Carleton and possible travel to placement partner in West Africa.
  • April 2023 Award – In-person programming at Carleton (if permissible) and possible travel to placement partner in West Africa.
  • April 2024 Award – In-person programming at Carleton (if permissible) and possible travel to placement partner in West Africa.

There are two award lengths to choose from

  • Short-term – 35-60 days
  • Mid-term – 61-180 days

Research Placements

  • Each scholar will work with one of our Placement Partners for a minimum of 30% of the duration of their award.

Leadership, Learning, and Networking Opportunities

  • During the award period Carleton University will provide successful candidates with several workshops designed toward augmenting your research skills such as writing / publication / curriculum development workshops, data analysis workshops, grant & scholarship writing workshops and access to Carleton’s library resources. These workshops will be offered in-person where permissible or virtually in the event it is not possible to hold them in-person.
  • Carleton University Faculty offer many talks and lectures throughout the academic year, which you will be encouraged to seek out, including a Brown Bag series through the Institute of African Studies (IAS), the Knowing Africa seminar series, and various public lectures.
  • As a QEScholar, you will be expected to share the knowledge you have gained with your home institution and community upon your return.  You will also be requested to stay in touch and help us build our growing network of QEScholars.


  • All applicants must be able to communicate in English or French.
  • There are certain opportunities for placements and mentorship in French.  Please see our Program Research page for details.
  • Carleton University is an English university.  As such communications and programming will primarily be offered in English.
CALL OPEN TO Women candidates

  • Doctoral Researcher
  • Post-doctoral Researcher
  • Early Career Researcher
COUNTRIES (Candidate must be a Citizen of one of the following countries) Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo
  • Travel Scholarship to Canada and to Research Placements


  • Virtual Research Scholarship — where travel is not permissible
Short-term 35 – 60 days – up to a maximum of $9,700 CAD
Mid-term 61 – 180 days – up to a maximum of $24,400 CAD
TOPICS The themes are aligned with IDRC programming and ethos. Follow the links to find out more: Climate-Resilient Food Systems, Education and Science,  Democratic and Inclusive Governance, Sustainable and Inclusive Economies, Global Health, Ethics in Development Research.
RESEARCH PLACEMENT Each scholarship is premised on a mandatory period of 30% of the time for research placement to give the candidate the experience of applying their research skills within the context of our partner organisations. Each proposal needs to indicate clearly how the research is aligned with research placement and how the period of research service will strengthen the researcher and the partner organisations.
RESEARCH MENTORSHIP Carleton faculty members involved in this scholarship have expertise across all disciplines and access to professional networks providing us the opportunity to match the candidate’s research need for supervision by leveraging other experts.  Find out more about them here, and select a potential mentor.
COMMUNITY SERVICE, LEADERSHIP AND NETWORKING Candidates need to demonstrate how the scholarship opportunity will be leveraged to

  • give back to your home institution
  • give back to your home community
  • give back to the global QES-AS network