Getting Ready (Mac)

If you plan on opening programs which use Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), you will need to have X11 installed on your Mac. Click the following link for more information on installing X11: If the programs you plan on using run in the terminal alone feel free to skip this installation. Once this has been completed, you will need to open a terminal. To open a Terminal window, navigate to Applications/Utilities and open Terminal.

Connecting to a RCDC Virtual Machine

  1. If you are off-campus or using wifi, you will need to connect to Carleton’s VPN. Click the following link for instructions on how to do this:
  2. To connect to your RCDC Virtual Machine (VM), you will need to use the username, password and IP address provided to you for this VM. If you plan on using a program with a GUI, enter the following command in your terminal window:

    ssh -Y <username>@<VM IP Address>

    If you do not plan on using a program with a GUI, enter the following command:

    ssh <username>@<VM IP Address>

  3. The first time you are connect to your VM, you will be asked to change your password.  After your password change, you will be automatically logged out.  You will need to log in again using your new password.
  4. If you have an RCDC storage volume, then once connected to your VM you can connect to RCDC Storage Server. Otherwise, you may need to use a the scp command or a GUI application like Cyberduck to transfer files to the VM.
  5. Once connected to your storage you can now navigate to any files you copied to your storage volume from your personal computer. At this point you can run GUI applications.