Carleton University

Headshot of Patricia Berube

Patricia Bérubé, PhD Cultural Mediations

Co-supervisors: Dr. Jesse Stewart, Dr. Lois Frankel
Department: Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture

My previous research work included translating a painting so that it could be accessible through touch for people who are visually challenged. My current research interest is finding new ways to translate colors for everyone to enjoy.

Headshot of Jacob Booth

Jacob Booth, MASc Aerospace Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Mojtaba Ahmadi
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

My research is focused on designing accessible human computer interfaces. Specifically, it involves designing an accessible motion controller to allow people with motion disabilities to interact with media content and home automation devices.

Headshot of Daniella Briotto Faustino

Daniella Briotto Faustino, PhD Information Technology

Audrey Girouard
Department: School of Information Technology

My doctoral research will explore the use of deformation and other novel interaction methods to improve accessibility for people with vision impairment in mobile contexts. As part of the READi program, I hope to engage in exciting projects and apply a user-centred approach to solve existing accessibility problems.I am interested in using a collaborative process involving end user feedback to design assistive technologies. 

Headshot of Emma Farago outside with white and pink flowers in the background

Emma Farago, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Chan
Department: Systems and Computer Engineering

My primary research interest involves the use of biosignals in the development of devices to assist with mobility, therapy, and health monitoring. I am looking forward to the READi program, and I hope to become involved with multi-disciplinary research directed towards the development of accessible technologies.

Headshot of Hasti KhiabaniHasti Khiabani, MASc Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. AMojtaba Ahmadi
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

My research is focused on Bio-mechatronics and more specifically Rehabilitation robots. The main purpose is modifying and designing rehabilitation robots or assistive devices to help people with injuries or disabilities recover their possible strength in shorter duration.

Headshot of Cynthia Morawski with a blue scarf, leaning against a black and gray wallCynthia Morawski, MDes

Supervisor: Dr. Lois Frankel
Department: School of Industrial Design

As a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, my research and teaching focuses on multimodal learning, sustainability, learning differences, literacy, and interdisciplinarity. As an educator, I strive to make the school curriculum accessible to all students by employing multiple means of learning. I am also a visual artist, who makes use of upcycling to create mixed media works from both natural and manufactured materials.

University of Ottawa

Headshot of Kristina Kupferschmidt

Kristina Kupferschmidt , PhD Biomedical Engineering

Co-supervisors: Dr. Natalie Baddour, Dr. Adrian Chan, Dr. Edward Lemaire
Department: Mechanical Engineering

I am interested in how biomedical technology can improve quality of life, specifically when addressing issues surrounding accessibility of care. For READi, I am looking forward to learning more about user-centered design and working with a multidisciplinary team to solve complex accessibility problems.

Connor McGuirk , MASc  Biomedical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Edward Lemaire
Department: Mechanical Engineering

My MASc research is focused on biomechatronics and active prosthesis control. Through the READi program I will obtain knowledge that is crucial to designing these types of devices in a way that makes them more accessible to all individuals.

Queen’s University

Headshot for Emily Harmsen

Emily Harmsen, MA Cultural Studies

Supervisor: Dr. Claire Davies
Department: Faculty of Arts and Sciences

My intended area of study for my masters includes researching universal, inclusive, accessible and sustainable design methods. I am interested in developing a design framework that merges aspects of accessible and sustainable design theories; as well as in examining the successes and failures of modifications made to existing designs and the stigmas that can exist in relation to the use of inclusively designed material items within mass markets. The READi program appeals to me because of its hands on and multi-disciplinary collaborations surrounding accessible design and innovation.

Headshot of Katie VanTil

Katie VanTil, MASc Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Claire Davies
Department: Mechanical & Materials Engineering

I am looking forward to working with students from various disciplines to develop creative solutions to improve accessibility and broaden my understanding of accessibility issues through the READi program


Headshot of Caryn Vowles, standing in front of an Engineering Faculty Banner

Caryn Vowles, PhD Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Claire Davies
Department: Mechanical & Materials Engineering

My research interest is to develop technology that increases usability for all. My interest in the READi program is to get multiple perspectives on everyday issues that defer us from having an inclusive environment for everyone no matter their abilities.