Carleton University

Kessler is looking at the camera in front of a multi-coloured background. He is wearing glasses, a black suit, and a red tie.

Kessler Douglas, Masters in Music and Culture

Supervisor: Jesse Stewart

I am interested in studying at different ways that music is, has been, and could be represented in visual mediums. Through the READi program, I hope to look at non-aural ways or reading and writing music through an accessability lens.

Eman is smiling at the camera and standing in front of a purple background.

Eman El-Fayomi, PhD in Information Technology

Supervisor: Audrey Girouard

Through the READi program, my PhD in IT will be focused on inclusive civic design. Almost every industry and sector is integrating design, and the potential for designers to influence and affect people is unprecedented. My research will investigate how to encourage designers to tackle more civic challenges, and shift our mindsets from user-centricity to society-centred design. I’d love to explore the wider implications of effective altruism on designers, the communities they represent, and the civic sector at large. Our strides to connect meaningful design with existing work in government and the civic space is imperative in addressing the needs of diverse communities at scale.

Saman is looking at the camera while sitting in front of many plants.

Saman Karim, Masters of Computer Science

Supervisor: Audrey Girouard

My research revolves around developing accessible solutions to real-world problems. READi will not only help me identify inclusive design challenges but also develop a better understanding of user needs throughout the design and implementation phase.

Georgia is standing in front of a brick wall, looking ath the camera nad wearing a checkered shirt.

Georgia Loewen, Masters of Human Computer Interaction

Supervisor: Audrey Girouard

Through the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction and the READi program I hope to explore the topic of user interface design and user experience, particularly for applications in the gaming industry. With the READi program’s focus on accessibility, I hope to gain a better perspective and understanding of the needs of individuals with disabilities and how those perspectives can be considered through inclusive design.

Alicia is standing in front of a white background and wearing a black shirt. She is smiling at the camera.

Alicia Ouskine, Masters in Human-Computer Interaction

Supervisors: Fateme Rajabiyazdi & Adrian Chan

I’m very excited to join the READi program and be part of a great group of individuals passionate about increasing accessibility across many fields. My research will be focusing on increasing patient engagement in their medical care by using data visualization tools. This will include supporting patients to track their health data, improving patient-provider communication, and assisting patients in making decisions about their health.

Queen’s University

Mackenzie is standing in front of snow capped mountains and smiling at the camera. She is wearing a Queen's sweatshirt.

Mackenzie Collins, joint MD and PhD in Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Supervisor: Claire Davies

My research interests involve working to further integrate the engineering and medical fields to solve meaningful problems for clinical populations. READi aligns well with my interests in accessibility and inclusivity in the design of medical devices. This program will improve my understanding of these principles, and provide me with the tools to be conscious of inclusive design throughout my career.

Sydney is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black blazer and white top.

Sydney Van Engelen, Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Supervisor: Claire Davies

I am interested in studying how different physiological signals can be used to design and build accessible and end-user focused assistive devices. I am looking forward to sharing a passion of inclusive innovation and design with students from various disciplines through the READi program.