As part of their graduate seminar in Accessibility and Inclusive Design, READi students publish blogs of their work. These blogs present case studies addressing current and evolving perspectives on disability and accessibility. The case studies focus on strategic design leaders who are bringing accessibility to the forefront in the areas of engineering, ICT, design, and advocacy.

Given the variations in interpretations of and practices in Accessible and Inclusive Design, student teams have explored how different professionals approach their work within the context of the larger body of work in this area.

These blog documents the findings from interviewing cross-disciplinary strategic design leaders to learn about their approaches to working with user populations with disabilities, their methods and/or processes for providing accessible or inclusive design solutions, their key contributions, and how (or if) their work influences the interdisciplinary field of accessible and inclusive design, and other related and relevant themes.

The blogs are online resources to be used by others, especially READi scholars and partners, to understand and differentiate among Accessible and Inclusive Design Leaders and their approaches to creating products, services and/or environments, as well as the key issues influencing and related to their work.

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