My name is Chris Trainor, your new Corporate Archivist. I have been working with the Corporate Records and Archives since July 2015 and I have been busy getting to know the collection, the history of Carleton University and the community. The Secretariat has been of major importance with my integration into Carleton University and I have to thank Barb Steele, Julie Caldwell and Steve Levitt for their continuing help and support.

Our vision for the Archives is to be more connected with the community, provide advice and support on records management and make sure that we preserve records that are historically significant to the corporate memory of Carleton University. One of the important ways to be more connected is through our webpage, which is our gateway to the world. This is why we have decided to undertake a major reorganization and update of the Corporate Records and Archives webpages. We plan on making the website more user friendly, easier to access and provide more up-to-date information.

Over the next few months you may notice that some pages have changed dramatically. Please pardon the confusion as we are “under construction”.  If you notice any issues with any of the Corporate Records and Archives webpages please contact us at:

The webpage is not the only thing we are working on, but I will save those updates for future postings.

Check back here for more updates coming soon!