Organizations of all types and all sizes face a range of risks that can affect the achievement of their organizational and/or project goals. Carleton University and its community partners are no different and must identify and mitigate risk (e.g.uncertain funding, the maintenance of safe working and learning environments, increasing competition for investment in research and innovation).

In this increasingly complex environment, Carleton University has committed itself to the management of its risk through the development of a comprehensive risk management program. This program provides the framework for the assessment and mitigation of risk through loss prevention, risk financing, and contractual transfer.  As part of this program, Carleton University supports its broader community partners.

The Risk Management Manual covers a wide range of risk management topics, such as conducting a department risk assessment, how to mitigate risks, such as those related to transportation, alcohol and contracts, and Carleton University’s insurance program. We invite all members of the community to review the manual and make use of the concepts, guidelines, and examples that relate to your particular needs.