Carleton University has partnered with International SOS to track and provide assistance to travelers (i.e. students, faculty, and staff travelling on Carleton University business) wherever they happen to be in the world.

International SOS provides:

… registered travellers with:

  • Custom location reports with risk assessments for over 250 countries breaking down the travel, security and medical risks
  • Carleton University ISOS Portal desktop access to health and security risk information in addition to access to the Training Hub as well as MyTrips
  • Training modules discussing both health and security topics such as malaria, civil unrest & natural disasters
  • ISOS Assistance App for easy access to help while abroad, shortcuts to the chat/phone feature, country guides and alerts, in addition to adding your trip information through MyTrips
  • Mental Health Support while abroad through the Emotional Support Service provides travelers with access to counselling services
  • Instant access to medical professionals and security experts to provide advice or emergency assistance including access to:
    • Medical referrals
    • Medical/Emergency response and evacuation
    • Security information and analysis broken down by location
    • Assistance for lost passports/credit cards, theft and disrupted travel
  • Real-time risk alerts are sent to travelers’ emails and smartphones if in an affected area

… managers with:

  • Traveler ‘check-in’ so you know where students, faculty, or staff registered with SOS are in the case of emergency
  • Impact reporting which shows the number of students, faculty, or staff registered with SOS in an area with a special advisory

*Please note that International SOS offers an extensive suite of services to eligible students, faculty and staff. Individuals receiving services arranged through International SOS are responsible for the payment of the fees incurred, please consult your existing insurance coverage for potential reimbursement. For more information, please go to the Carleton University Human Resources Intranet site regarding Emergency Travel Insurance:

How to access International SOS:

Step 1: Download the app

Go to your smartphone browser and enter to download the app.

Step 2: Set up your profile

You must set up your profile using your Carleton University email address AND CARLETON UNIVERSITY MEMBERSHIP NUMBER 27ACAS714670.  Your family is welcome to call International SOS for information if they have concerns while you are away. Your confidential information will not be shared without your permission.

Step 3: Upload your flight information

Flight details can be added through the portal, app or by forwarding your flight e-ticket from your university email address to Once this is complete, you will receive a Pre-Trip Advisory for the country or countries that you are visiting.

Using the ‘check in’ function on the App provides you with security advice specific to your immediate location throughout your travels.

When to use International SOS’ services:

Before you travel outside your home country, you should prepare yourself by logging onto the International SOS portal or app where you can sign up for health and security email alerts or review country-specific reports that will make you an informed traveler.
While abroad, International SOS will help locate a qualified healthcare provider, receive a prescription or simply answer any general medical or security concern you may have so you get quality medical care and advice.
In an emergency, International SOS can ensure that you get immediate care whether it requires evacuating you to a center of medical excellence or closely monitoring your condition with local doctors. Keep in mind that International SOS can also take care of all the details associated with your situation such as making travel arrangements for family members so you can focus on getting better.

Contact International SOS:

International SOS Resources:

International SOS Training Videos:

If you are a Carleton University student, please go here:

Please email if you have any questions or concerns with registering for ISOS.