Founded in 1999, Scholars at Risk is an international network of educational institutions whose aim it is to protect scholars across the world, and promote academic freedom. Members of SAR arrange temporary academic positions at member universities and colleges, thus providing safety to scholars facing grave threats. The aim is to provide an intellectual home in which scholars can keep working until conditions improve and they are able to return to their home countries.

The SAR Canada Section was launched on June 22, 2012 at the University of Toronto’s Massey College by The Honourable Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, then President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Winnipeg. That same year, Prof. Angelo Mingarelli, then President of Carleton’s Academic Staff Association (CUASA) approached the administration about joining. Sociology Professor Pum Van Veldhoven served as Carleton’s first SAR representative, before Prof. Melanie Adrian took over as chair, and the first scholar arrived in 2014. Our funding for salaries comes from a number of different sources: the University administration, the Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) in New York, SAR International, and Carleton community fundraising. In addition, CUASA continues to provide annual research stipends.

Carleton and the University of Ottawa jointly co-host an at-risk scholar in 2015-16. After a successful first year, both programs began to grow and each university began hosting scholars independently. Over the past seven years, Carleton’s Scholars at Risk committee has been able to have a significant impact on the local and international academic community. This would not have been possible without the help and support of the Carleton community.


2022 Scholar at Risk Carleton University Terms of Reference 


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