Scholar at Risk (SAR) provides at-risk scholars with short-term, temporary academic positions at SAR member institutions around the world, where scholars can resume their research and/or teaching in safety. These positions are provided and funded by member institutions in most cases, and range in duration from 6 months to 2 years. During this time scholars have the opportunity to resume academic research and/or teaching and plan their next steps.

Carleton University’s SAR Committee is not in a position to determine eligibility of prospective SAR Scholars and so relies on a formal application process administered by SAR International in New York. The application portal can be found here:

Accompanying the new SAR application is an Applicant Guide which shares essential pre-application information with individuals applying for assistance, including SAR’s Eligibility Criteria and a list of application materials that will be requested during the process so that applicants may prepare.

One key feature of the new application is an Eligibility Questionnaire which allows candidates to quickly determine if they are eligible for SAR support before embarking on a full application.