The main goal of the #ReleaseRabkova campaign is to advocate for Marfa Rabkova’s well-being, release, and a pardon of all her charges. Each event and intervention associated with the #ReleaseRabkova campaign will draw attention to Marfa’s case. By facilitating these initiatives, it is our goal to raise public awareness of Marfa’s case and to ensure that pushing for her release is a top priority for politicians and the public.

Advocacy Initiatives

  • We have published a petition to call upon the Government of Canada to advocate for the release and pardon of all charges against Marfa Rabkova, supported by the Honourable Anita Vandenbeld, MP. Sign and share the petition here.
  • Raising public awareness: Through the course of the term, we will be raising public awareness in various ways.

Check back here soon for more information!