Photo of Noémie Tangelo

Noémie Tangelo

I am in the last semester of my second year in a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, here at Carleton University. I am fluent in French and English, and conversational in Spanish (which I am still learning). Last year, I had the opportunity to be a research and administrative assistant for a professor in the engineering department on campus. My responsibilities included database research for relevant academic articles and data organization. Although I enjoyed my time there, I was eager to do the same type of work, and more, within my field(s) of study. Ultimately, my goal is to work within the fields of policy or academic research at the intersections of International Relations, law, gender, race, sexuality, and the socologies of marginality and inequality. I hope to find my preferred focus through other work opportunities in research, advocacy, organizing and leadership roles.