Carleton University is beginning the search for a new Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Please view the advertisement for the position here and position profile.

In accordance with the appointment guidelines of the Board of Governors, an Advisory Committee has been convened comprising of 13 members including leadership, staff, faculty, and students.

  • Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President and Vice-Chancellor, Chair
  • Onita Basu (Professor), Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Véronic Bézaire (Instructor), Science
  • Maria DeRosa (Dean), Faculty of Science
  • Lorraine Dyke, Vice-President (Finance and Administration)
  • Greg Farrell, Board Member
  • Mira Gillis, Undergraduate Student
  • Kahente Horn-Miller (Associate Professor), FASS
  • John Nelson (Acting Director), Innovation Hub
  • Jonathan Malloy (Professor), Faculty of Public Affairs
  • Pat Moore, Librarian
  • Howard Nemiroff (Associate Dean), Sprott
  • Chelsie Smith, Graduate Student


  • Amanda Goth, University Secretary
  • Cindy Taylor, Human Resources
  • Noel Badiou, Equity and Inclusive Communities
  • Laverne Smith, Executive Search Consultant