How does the University Secretariat support Carleton?

As a bicameral institution, governance is shared by the Board of Governors and the Senate. The University Secretariat provides the link between these governing bodies and the university’s administration.

  • Ensures good governance
  • Provides link between governing bodies and university administration
  • Coordinates senior executive searches including the President and Vice-Provost, Provost and Chancellor
  • Facilitates elections and nominations to the Board and Senate
  • Preserves Carleton’s corporate memory through managing archives and corporate records
  • Advises and reviews university policies and procedures

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors are a diverse group of volunteers with a unique understanding of higher education and its force for good. As the corporate body of the university, the Board provides oversight of budgetary and infrastructure decisions as well as appoints the school’s President and Vice-Chancellor and other key senior executives. The Board has six standing committees to help exercise its oversight.

The Board is composed of 32 members representing the Carleton community:

  • 2 undergraduate students
  • 2 graduate students
  • 2 faculty members
  • 2 members of Senate
  • 2 alumni
  • 2 professional services staff
  • 18 community members
  • Chancellor and President are ex-officio members


The Senate is the highest academic body in the university. As the academic authority on campus, the Senate makes decisions of significant importance to students and faculty. Regular work of the Senate includes awarding degrees and scholarships, approving new programs and revised curriculums, and establishing regulations concerning students’ academic work. The Senate has 14 standing committees to help exercise its powers.

The Senate is composed of 86 members representing the Carleton community:

  • 40 faculty members
  • 2 contract instructors
  • 10 undergraduate students
  • 3 graduate students
  • 23 ex-officio members
  • 4 members of the Board of Governors
  • up to 4 special appointments