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  2. Committee Membership
  3. Activity Timeline
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Carleton University is beginning the search for a new Vice-President, Finance and Administration (VPFA). In accordance with the appointment guidelines of the Board of Governors, an Advisory Committee will be convened.

The Board has asked Senate for assistance in the nomination and election of faculty members and students to serve on the Advisory Committee on the VPFA.

Community Announcements

Committee Membership

  • Benoit-Antoine Bacon (Chair)
  • Patrick Dion (Board of Governor)
  • Marion Fraser (Board of Governor)
  • Jonathan Malloy (Faculty – Senate)
  • Winnie Ye (Faculty – Senate)
  • Andy Burns (Undergraduate Student)
  • Chichi Ayalogu (Graduate Student)
  • Angela Marcotte (Professional Services Staff)
  • Suzanne Blanchard (Senior Administrator)

Activity Timeline

The Advisory Committee will commence its work early September 2021 and will be active throughout the search process, which will continue for approximately six months.

Late August: Establishment of Committee
August 16 – September 1: Community Questionnaire
Early September: Committee Meeting #1
Early November: Committee Meeting #2
Mid November: Interview Rounds
End of November: Committee Meeting #3
December: Recommendation to the Board of Governors


Contact Amanda Goth, University Secretary at amanda.goth@carleton.ca