The University Secretariat supports and assists the Board of Governors, the Senate and Corporate Archives and Records to achieve their objectives.


Our mission is to manage and support the University’s bicameral governance system in accordance with legal requirements and obligations, the Carleton University Act, the bylaws and regulations of Senate and Board, and accepted best governance practices.

Our role is:

  1. Ensuring that decisions of Senate, Board and their committees are made appropriately in accordance with legal requirements and obligations established in law and by the policies, procedures and regulations approved by Board and Senate.
  2. To ensure that Senate, Board and their committees are duly constituted and that their members receive the information and assistance they require to make good decisions and that the decisions taken are available to the University community.
  3. To provide support, advice and assistance to members of the governors, senior administration, and senators so that the process of decision making is clear, efficient and effective.
  4. To oversee the administration and establishment of appeals, elections, ratifications, senior executive searches, appointments and review committees.
  5. To oversee a records management program and associated policies and procedures.
  6. To coordinate and facilitate university policy reviews.