This service is available to students who are required to take an in-person exam but are either studying remotely or traveling due to participation in an athletic program. Eligibility for this service requires that students must meet the specific course requirements outlined in their course outline. Additionally, to qualify, students must be located at least 160 km away from Carleton University on the day of the exam.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Course Requirements: You must fulfill the course requirements. This includes considerations such as:
    • Whether the course format allows for assessments to be conducted online or at an external in-person location.
    • The necessity of specialized software that may require on-campus participation.
    • The overall structure of the course, including aspects like group assessments etc.
  2. Studying remotely: You must be enrolled exclusively in remote courses and not registered for any in-person classes.
  3. Student is a varsity athlete who is traveling due to sport-related commitments.
  4. Student facing “extenuating circumstances” as defined in the Academic Consideration Policy, may apply for distance exam. You might be required to provide further information.

Distance Requirement

The student must be located at least 160 km away from the university on the exam day.

Note on Deferred Exams

If you plan to request a deferred final exam that will take place off-campus, please note that you do not need to submit such application here. Your deferred Final exam application should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.