Service Cost

An administration fee of $98.25 for students writing in Canada, and $176.75 for students writing internationally will be applied per assessment to your student account at the end of the term. Additional fees may be included when proctoring services at a testing centre are required. Students writing internationally who use the e-Proctoring solution; CoMaS, for their distance exam will pay the domestic administrative fee for the service.

For more information on how to make a payment to your student account, please visit or contact Student Accounts at

Service Cost Estimate per assessment
Writing Domestically or Internationally with e-Proctoring (CoMaS) $98.25 CAD
Writing Domestically with a proctor at a testing centre $98.25 CAD + Proctoring Fees
Writing Internationally with a proctor at a testing centre $176.75 CAD + Proctoring Fees

Kindly note that the above fee applies to both Distance/off-campus examinations and Deferred Final off-campus exams.

Late application fee

Late applications may be considered but can result in the application being declined. If approved, a $25 late application fee applies. Applications received less than TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled exam will not be processed.

Please email OnlineExams or call 613.520.2600 x1571 if the deadline for applying has passed.

Late cancelation fees

Students wishing to cancel their distance exam application should email OnlineExams to do so. If the cancellation is submitted more than 7 days before the exam date, no fee will be charged. However, cancellations made within 7 days of the exam will incur a $25 fee.

Please note, if you no longer intend to take an exam via distance service, no longer need this service, or have dropped the course, you must email OnlineExams to cancel your application. Failure to notify will result in the full distance exam service fee being charged to your student account.