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Since the introduction of e-proctoring during the COVID-19 pandemic, Scheduling and Examination Services have continued to offer this service for both online and in-person digital assessments. This is available for course instructors teaching online or those who wish their exams to be conducted online. Our aim is to maintain the academic integrity of our programs, and to that end, many instructors have restructured their courses or assessments to address concerns regarding academic integrity.

Depending on their course specifics, instructors who choose this service are provided one of two platforms: CoMaS (Regular or Hybrid), developed in-house at Carleton, or Zoom. These platforms, long used by Carleton, aren’t invasive AI-based software, but tools focused on delivering support, transparency, and flexibility.

We remain committed to continuing to provide information about these e-proctoring systems to our students. The privacy and security of any student data remains Carleton’s top concern and both platforms have undergone security and privacy reviews by Carleton’s Information Security and Privacy Offices, respectively.

Please note that BigBlueButton (BBB), formerly part of our e-proctoring tool/platform, is no longer available and has now been replaced by Zoom.

Any student who has concerns about using one of these systems should discuss their concerns with their course instructors, well before their exam, to see if alternative modes of assessment are available.

Should you still have questions after reading the following FAQs and discussing your concerns with your instructor, please submit an exam support request. Please include your course code and exam date when submitting your request.

Student Guides

Regular CoMaS FAQs

Hybrid CoMaS FAQs

CoMaS Privacy and Security

Zoom E-proctoring FAQs

e-Proctoring Events

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e-Proctoring Instructional Videos

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