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Welcome to Carleton’s Zoom Support Site!

Teaching and Learning Services supports instructors and staff via the TLS Support Portal for online classroom support and general help with Zoom. Carleton has implemented a campus-wide enterprise license for Zoom. The enterprise license will allow for single sign-on (SSO) and integration with Brightspace.

What’s New with Zoom?

Zoom is updated regularly by the vendor. Updates may include security patches, new features and functionality, as well as changes to the interface. The most recent week’s release notes are summarized below. All previous and current release notes for Zoom updates are posted to the Zoom Help Centre. To review the most recent changes and updates to Zoom, please visit the Zoom Release Notes page.

November 15 Summary

The Zoom client for Linux/Windows/Mac will add a feature called “Optional Reclaim Host when Rejoining.” Optional Reclaim host when Rejoining will prompt a meeting’s host to decide when rejoining a meeting if they should reclaim their previous host status, become a co-host, or stay as a participant.

To use this feature you must be on version 5.8.3. It requires a server update that is scheduled to be completed on November 14th.


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Carleton Zoom Support Contact Information


Visit the TLS Support Portal

Hours of Operation:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday (excluding university holidays)


Student Technical Support


Student support for educational technology applications is provided by the ITS service desk. Student-specific Zoom resources can also be found on the Carleton Online website.


Zoom’s Official Support Site 


The Zoom Help Center is your best resource for all things Zoom. Their short, modular tutorial videos and instructions are designed to help you easily find the support you’re looking for.



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