The Zoom integration with D2L Brightspace allows you to set up, schedule, join, and launch meetings from within the Brightspace learning environment. Teaching and Learning Services supports instructors and staff via the TLS support portal for online classroom support and general help with Zoom. You can also visit the Zoom at Carleton support site for more instructions and support resources.

Zoom for Brightspace Workshops and Training

TLS is offering a number of training sessions to help you get started with Zoom in Brightspace. Please visit the TLS Events page to see the sessions and register for an offering. Teaching and Learning Services also asynchronous training sessions available for Zoom in Brightspace. Visit the TLS Mediaspace Channel for Instructors and search for Zoom.

Carleton Zoom Support Contact Information

TLS Support Portal

Hours of Operation: While classes are in session: 8am – 10pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday. 8:30am – 4:30pm when classes not in session.

Student Technical Support

Student support for educational technology applications is provided by the ITS service desk. Student-specific Zoom resources can also be found on the Carleton Online website.

Zoom’s Official Support Site 

The Zoom Help Center is your best resource for all things Zoom. Their short, modular tutorial videos and instructions are designed to help you easily find the support you’re looking for.

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