Several years of cuLearn (Moodle) course content, including question banks, has been migrated for instructors at Carleton. Migrated course content will be available in a backup course in D2L Brightspace for instructors to access and review. Quiz question banks migrate to the Brightspace Question Library. Most simple quizzes migrate without issue; however, some quiz settings and question types migrate with complications or do not migrate at all. Question Libraries in converted courses should be reviewed before use to ensure that the questions function as expected.

NOTE: To see an overview of all the question types available in the Brightspace Question Library, with instructions for how to create each question type, please visit Creating Question Library Questions or watch a video overview of Brightspace Question Types.

Migration trends for cuLearn Question Banks migrating to the Brightspace Question Library:

  • question text and text formatting (bolding, italics, colored fonts, and hyperlinks) are generally maintained during migration
  • videos and images within questions or answers migrate to Brightspace when the question bank is migrated as a whole course package
  • question categories, called Sections in Brightspace, will generally migrate but will need to be reviewed and renamed

Reviewing cuLearn Question Types in the cuLearn Question Bank

Review the question types used within your cuLearn quiz bank to assist help you understand how the quiz will migrate to Brightspace. Each question type within cuLearn has a unique identifying icon. Open the question library, and hover your cursor over the icon to reveal the question type. (see image 1 below for a visual of the quiz question icons)  Alternatively, enter a quiz editor and view questions within a quizNote which question types are used within your cuLearn question bank. This will help you reference each question type listed within the guide. 

a list of questions in the cuLearn question bank. Each question type has a specific icon that illustrates the question type.

image 1: cuLearn Quiz Question Icons

The migration guide below has been created to assist Brightspace users with reviewing and resolving question bank challenges in converted courses.

cuLearn/Moodle Question Type Resulting Brightspace Question Type  Question Settings Additional Details and Suggested Fixes
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate
Calculated Multiple Choice
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate
Calculated Simple
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate
Drag and Drop Into Text
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Question text migrated and formatted properly.
  • General feedback text.
  • Grouping of answer choices.
  • No drag and drop answer question type in Brightspace.
  • Combined feedback does not migrate
  • Multiple tries with hints does not migrate
  • Answer choices within groupings that are worth 0% migrate over answers for the blanks.
  • Fix: Format the question as a Fill in the Blanks question type. Remove any answer selections worth 0%.
Drag and Drop Markers
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate
  • Fix: No equivalent functionality. Questions will need to be re-conceptualized as a different question type.
Embedded Answers (Cloze)
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Text entered in each question and answer migrates
  • Custom weights (%) assigned per answer migrate
  • Setting for multiple tries with custom weights (%) for each incorrect try and any associated hints do not migrate
  • Drop down with answer selections does not migrate in combination with fill in the blanks. All selections migrate to fill in the blanks format.
  • Custom feedback for partially correct answers do not migrate
  • Fix: Keep question as a fill in the blanks question type or change to a matching question type. Check if there are any answers worth partial % or custom feedback. If you want to have custom feedback you will need to change question type to multiple choice question type. You will need to add answer selections.
  • Written Response
  • Custom response text box size migrates
  • General feedback text migrates
  • No setting to restrict uploads by file type (eg only PDFs) or limit to how many attachments can be uploaded at once.
  • Grader information and response template (if used) does not migrate.
  • Fix: Copy any grader information and format into written response question type answer key (Options> Add Answer Key).

NOTE: LaTeX refers to a question that uses the LaTeX equation generator within the question itself. LaTeX is not a specific question type on its own.

  • N/A –LaTeX is not a question type.
  • LaTeX equation editing is available in Brightspace
  • N/A
  • Matching
  • General feedback text
  • Matches and associated text
  • Combined feedback text does not migrate.
  • Multiple attempts (with penalty) does not migrate.
  • Question feedback is applied to all submissions whether the student response is correct or not.
  • Fix: Add feedback using question feedback within the matching question type editor.
Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Custom weights (%) for answer selection
  • Custom feedback per answer selection
  • Simple multiple choice migrate well to Brightspace and do not require fixes.
  • Short Answer
  • No custom weights (%) or custom feedback migrate.
  • The feedback is applied to all submissions regardless of if the answer is correct or incorrect.

Questions may also be formatted as an arithmetic question type , significant figure question type or within Brightspace.

Calculated and Significant Figures are options for this question type with some modifications

Random short answer-matching
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate

Drop-down menu with choices is available in the ordering question type. The limitation with this question type though is that items must be ordered 1- #, there is not an option to enter separate text to create matches.

Regular Expression Short Answer
  • does not migrate
  • does not migrate

Note: In Brightspace, you are limited to only overall feedback on the question and 1 hint.

Select Missing Words
  • Fill In Blanks
  • General Feedback Text
  • Combined feedback does not migrate
  • Multiple attempts with associated hints do not migrate
  • Grouping of answers does not migrate
  • Fix: Add feedback using question feedback within the fill in the blanks question type editor.
    Note:  The feedback is applied to all submissions whether the student response is correct or not.
Short Answer
  • Short Answer
  • no details
  • Case sensitivity for answer input or multiple attempt settings does not migrate.
  • Multiple answers worth custom weights (%) associated with custom feedback does not migrate.
  • Penalty for each incorrect try does not migrate.
  • Fix: If you want to have custom feedback you will need to change question type to Multiple Choice. You will need to add answer selections. Alternatively, add general overall feedback to  “options” at the top of the question editor. The overall feedback is applied to all answers entered in the blank regardless if right or wrong.
  • True or False
  • Question text, general feedback, and question feedback text migrate
  • Makes own section in the Question Library– Does not Migrate to a question type.
  • Does not migrate
  • Fix: When making sections within a quiz, there is a description area that can preface the questions within a section. Eg. A quiz may have a case study described in the description of the section (text copied from cuLearn description if applicable) and following the description have questions related to the case study.

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