D2L Brightspace is a cloud-based, learning management system. One of the many excellent features of Brightspace is that it updates near the start of each month with new features and improvements. Updates occur automatically with no system downtime. This support page summarizes the monthly changes and new features.

The monthly update process is called Continuous Delivery.  Regular software updates allow for new features, settings, and configurations to be applied to Brightspace without any system outage.

Updates help ensure that any needed security patches are applied and new features are available to the campus. Carleton is on the Wave 3 update schedule. Visit the D2L 2022 Wave Schedule to see when Carleton’s next update will be.

NOTE: In addition to the Continuous Release notes, D2L Brightspace provides a Known Issues and Defects List to share problems found in the learning management system. Known issues/defects are problems that have been identified by Brightspace users and confirmed by D2L product staff. In many cases, these issues are included as part of the product update work each month. A companion page for Fix Notifications might also be useful to review to stay informed of Brightspace changes.

June 2022 Update

Preferred Pronouns Displayed in Classlist

Communicating with students in Brightspace is even easier! If a user has specified their preferred pronouns in their Account Settings, they will now be displayed in the Classlist beside their name. It is also possible to see students’ preferred pronouns in the Discussions tool by hovering your cursor over their user icon in posts.

See our support sites for adding pronouns in Brightspace and emailing students through the Classlist for more information.

Rubric Descriptions Preview

When attaching a rubric to an assignment or discussion topic, now any description you added to a rubric will appear in the selection menu to help better differentiate it.

The description field can be found in the collapsible Options section at the bottom of the rubric creation page. This description is purely for your reference and is not visible to students.

See our support site on creating rubrics for more information.

New Quiz Creation Experience

D2L has been developing a new quiz interface to make the Quiz creation experience consistent with our current Assignment creation experience. All settings and options will be located on one page to eliminate the need to navigate various tabs and pages to build quizzes:

An early version has been released for review. Depending on D2L’s progress, this New Quiz Creation Experience may be implemented in our Brightspace instance by 2023.

For a more thorough overview of the updated quiz interface, see D2L’s article: Welcome to the New Quiz Creation Experience.

Did You Know?

You can customize the message that appears to students in the banner of your course homepage. Use this to adjust the title of the course from the system’s default, or even to help your students stay on track by letting them know which week or unit you are on.

You can even personalize this text by using Replace Strings to extract information particular to each student. For example, including the string {firstname} in your message will insert the student’s first name.

Visit our support site for more information on customizing your course homepage.

If you have any questions about any of these Continuous Delivery changes, or would like help using these new settings, create a support request using the TLS Support Portal or complete a course consultation request form to be assigned a TLS support contact.

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