Brightspace is a cloud-based, learning management system. One of the many excellent features of Brightspace is that it updates near the start of each month with new features and improvements. Updates occur automatically with no system downtime. This support page summarizes the monthly changes and new features.

The monthly update process is called Continuous Delivery.  Regular software updates allow for new features, settings, and configurations to be applied to Brightspace without any system outage.

Updates help ensure that any needed security patches are applied and new features are available to the campus. Carleton is on the Wave 3 update schedule. Visit the D2L 2021 Wave schedule to see when Carleton’s next update will be.

January 2022 Update Summary

Outdated Browser Versions

To ensure an optimal experience and full functionality, Brightspace users should access the LMS via the latest version of their supported browser. Users who login to the learning environment with versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari older than August 2021 will be prompted to update their web browser.

See the links below to download the latest versions of the supported browsers:

Grading Discussions with Multiple Rubrics

Graders can now select from a drop-down menu which rubric is used to calculate the Overall Grade during the grading of Discussions when more than one Points rubric has been associated with a Discussion topic. This feature is part of the consistent evaluation experience for Brightspace tools. The same functionality can also be seen in the Assignment grading area.

For more information on Grading Discussions, refer to our support sites: Creating Rubrics, Creating and Managing Discussions, and Grading Using Rubrics.

Did you know?

The Quick Eval tool can be used to isolate unevaluated posts for grading Discussions. Follow these instructions to see what Quick Eval has to offer your grading workflow:

  1. Login to your course
  2. Click on Progress in the navigation bar
  3. Select Quick Eval from the drop-down menu to see which assessment tools have new submissions from students.
  4. Click on the # New Posts link next to the Discussion Topic to access the usual evaluation workflow with only those posts from students who are awaiting assessment.

If you have any questions about any of these Continuous Delivery changes, or would like help using these new settings, create a support request using the TLS Support Portal or complete a course consultation request form to be assigned a TLS support contact.

D2L Release Notes