D2L Brightspace is a cloud-based, learning management system. One of the many excellent features of Brightspace is that it updates near the start of each month with new features and improvements. Updates occur automatically with no system downtime. This support page summarizes the monthly changes and new features.

The monthly update process is called Continuous Delivery.  Regular software updates allow for new features, settings, and configurations to be applied to Brightspace without any system outage.

Updates help ensure that any needed security patches are applied and new features are available to the campus. Carleton is on the Wave 3 update schedule. Visit the D2L 2022 Wave Schedule to see when Carleton’s next update will be.

NOTE: In addition to the Continuous Release notes, D2L Brightspace provides a Known Issues List to share problems found in the learning management system. Known issues are problems that have been identified by Brightspace users and confirmed by D2L product staff. In many cases, these issues are the basis of future product developments. A companion page for Fix Notifications might also be useful to review to stay informed of Brightspace changes.

May 2023 Update

D2L has launched a new Brightspace Community site. The Brightspace Community is a web space where Brightspace users can find resources, training materials, upcoming events, instructions, and ideas for using Brightspace. Connect with D2L by submitting your feedback on the platform and ideas for improvements. Read how others are using Brightspace on the community forums and vote on new features you’d like to see in the Product Idea Exchange (PIE).

Visit the Brightspace Community to see the new site and explore all it has to offer!

D2L Release Notes