The D2L Brightspace Showcase is a series of events and materials featuring instructors sharing their experiences and lessons learned teaching with Brightspace during the winter 2021 pilot. Find out what your colleagues think about the new system by exploring one of the offerings below.

For training sessions ranging from the basics to specific tools on Brightspace, please visit the TLS events page.


Instructor Testimonials

  • Journeys into Brightspace Video

    • Peggy Hartwick (SLaLS)
    • Noah Schwartz (Political Science)
    • Deanna Whelan (Psychology)
    • John Milton (Geography and Environmental Studies)
    • Amrita Hari (Women’s and Gender Studies)
    • Graham Galway (Chemistry)

Past Events

    • Bruce Wallace (Systems and Computer Engineering)
    • Audrey Girouard (Information Technology)
    • Diane Isabelle (International Business)
    • Deidre Butler (Religion)
    • Leah West (International Affairs)
  • Brightspace Showcase Panel – May 20, 1 – 2:30 PM featuring
    • Betina Appel Kuzmarov (Law)
    • Julie McCarroll (SLaLS)
    • Deanna Whelan (Psychology)
    • Graham Galway (Chemistry)
  • Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom (WTMBC) – featuring Geoff Pignotta (Earth Sciences)
    June 2, 10 – 11:30 PM
  • Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom (WTMBC) – featuring Peggy Hartwick (SLaLS)
    June 16, 1 – 2:30 PM

For recordings and transcripts of past workshops visit the Welcome to My Online Classroom page.