1. Benefits of Licensed Tools
  2. Supported Educational Technology
  3. Using Third-Party Technologies
  4. Where to Get Help

We support instructors with selecting, implementing and using a number of educational technology tools. These tools can be used to encourage engagement, enrich the classroom experience and provide students with additional support and resources.

Use of all educational technology tools is governed Carleton’s Acceptable Use of IT and Email Policy.

Benefits of Licensed Tools

There are many benefits to using Carleton’s licensed educational technology tools, including:

  • Technical support is available for ed tech setup and use
  • Training is available
  • Advanced features are often included with the provisioned accounts
  • TLS staff have system access to investigate and troubleshoot difficulties you may encounter
  • Students are likely to know how to use the tools already (reducing their cognitive load)
  • Supported tools are integrated into the learning management system for a more seamless experience
  • Privacy and security impact assessments have been completed and meet with provincial/federal regulations
  • Licensed tools have met accessibility regulations (AODA standards)

Supported Educational Technology

Using Third-Party Technologies

Third-party technologies that are not supported by the university can provide extended course functionality. Note though that these tools are not integrated with Carleton systems, so technical support, training and troubleshooting are not available. Third-party technologies also haven’t cleared privacy and security standards at Carleton.

If you are thinking about adopting a third-party tool, it’s important to exercise caution. Consider the tool’s data storage practices and privacy policies, licensing fees you may have to pay, cost to students, necessary training and support, and accessibility before introducing an external technology into your course. Consider reviewing the following assessment rubrics when determining whether to use a third party tool: Educause; University of Waterloo: Rubric for Evaluating e-Learning Tools in Higher Education.

Remember that it is good teaching practice to provide training and support to your students for third party technologies. Easy options could include linking to vendor support sites, training videos or other instructional documentation.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone at TLS about how Carleton’s tools can be used in your course, please submit a request to the TLS Support Portal. If you would like to request a third party integration for Brightspace, please complete the Integration Request Form.

Where to Get Help

Connect with us for training and support. We’re happy to help you find the right tool for your course.

Support for Teams, MyCarleton1(MC1) login issues, VPN or account problems is provided by the ITS Service Desk at its.service.desk@carleton.ca or by calling 613-520-3700. The service desk also provides student technical support, including account and educational technology application support.

Support for on-campus office computers should be directed to departmental or Faculty IT support staff.