Classroom Types at Carleton

Learning Spaces at Carleton University fit into six types. These room types describe the room’s overall structure and design, as well as the broader intended pedagogical purpose. Click on each room type below to see a listing of all rooms that match that type.

Standard Classroom

Standard Classrooms are midsize classrooms that can accommodate a variety of class types (such as lectures or seminar discussions). Some designated HyFlex and larger Seminar rooms fall into this category.

Lecture Hall

A Lecture Hall is a theatre room designed to hold many students for classes that are largely focused on the professor teaching, rather than a more discussion-style course. These rooms are typically used for first-year and second-year courses.

Seminar/Breakout Room

A Seminar Room is a smaller classroom for discussion-orientated classes where the instructor or teaching assistant encourages lots of student participation.

Active Learning Room

Active Learning Rooms are rooms with movable furniture and the ability to have small breakout discussions within the same room.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs are midsized classrooms with numerous computers for students to use, typically meant for classes where specific software is necessary (such as quantitative research), but can also function with lectures and seminars that do not require computer usage.


The Hybrid/Flexible (HyFlex) is a mode of teaching meant to facilitate student learning, whether they are present in-person or joining remotely. HyFlex rooms are designed with additional equipment to allow the instructor to run class both to the students in the room, and to either live-stream the class to students joining via Zoom, or to record the lectures and make them available online asynchronously.

Room Equipment

Most rooms at Carleton will have some variation on this basic set of equipment:

  • Projection screen and/or monitor
  • Computer (with ability to play DVDs through VLC Media Player)
  • Laptop connection point/hook-up
  • Audio reinforcement

Individual room descriptions will include a list of equipment that is present in the room. Exceptions to this basic equipment list will be listed in the Additional Notes section of each room description.

Room Attributes

Rooms may also be further classified by attributes. These designations describe special characteristics and technology that a room may possess. Click on each designation name to see a listing of all rooms that have the listed attribute.

Room attributes are separate from accessibility options. More information about classroom accessibility options can be found on the Accessibility Options page.